Matte is the New Black: The Latest Trend in Hardwood Flooring

matte finish hardwood floors njThere is no denying that hardwood floors are a timeless option for just about any home, office, or commercial space. Almost everywhere you go there is some type of hardwood flooring, and with all of the choices offered in prefinished or site-finished, its no wonder hardwood is one of the most popular floors installed, even today. Over the years, we’ve found that the design community drives the trends for just about everything, including flooring, and lately a matte sheen is becoming the most requested finish by the designers we work with. We love the look of the matt finish hardwood floors we’ve been installing, but it’s not just the look that has our flooring customers excited, there are several benefits of matt finish for hardwood floors that we want to offer.

Each species of wood flooring has its unique characteristics, coloring, and grain patterns. When finished with a matte sheen, these characteristics become more apparent and the beauty of the wood is brought out further. So, if you are looking for flooring with more character and a natural wood look, a matte finish is the perfect way finish.

When it comes to wear and tear on hardwood floors many of our developer, builder, and residential clients have concerns. Some sheens, such as semi and high gloss, are not a great choice for some flooring applications. For those requiring more durability and a floor that will show less wear and tear, we would recommend choosing a wood species that is harder by nature; however, choosing to finish the floors with a matte finish will help show less wear and tear over time. Matte finish floors are easier to repair and show less scratching, making it the best choice for high traffic flooring areas. When it comes to residential uses, matte finish hardwood floors are a great choice for beach homes, families that are active, and also homes with pets.

Matte finish hardwood floors offer an authentic representation of how the wood floor would look without a finish, but rather than leaving the floor natural, a matte finish offers protection for the wood. With easier maintenance, its no wonder matte finishes are gaining popularity with designers, builders, and homeowners alike. As a result of the rise in popularity of matte finishes, many manufacturers are now offering it throughout their product lines, so it’s readily available in prefinished flooring. Design Floors offers quality hardwood flooring sales, service, and installation for builders, developers, and homeowners in Monmouth County and throughout the tri-state area. Our professional flooring installation is available for residences, multifamily, or commercial projects. Contact us today for all of your flooring needs.