On-site Selections Center or Supplier Showroom: Three Things Every Builder Needs to Know

flooring sales service and installationBack in the days before the last recession hit our building industry, it seemed as if every builder, regardless of size, set up an on-site selections center for their homebuyers to choose finishes for their homes, including flooring. New homes were selling at the fastest pace we’ve ever seen, and limited selections with readily in-stock flooring were not an issue for either builder or buyer.

Over the years, the market has changed, and so have our homebuyers. Now that we’ve come out of the latest downturn in the housing market, and the pace of new home sales is continuing to increase, many builders are going back to on-site selection centers. For many of their homebuyers this could mean having only one flooring manufacturer’s products to choose from. For some builders, this can work, but for many having limited choices can make or break a home sale. There are a few things every builder needs to know about an on-site selections center, versus the selections process at your flooring supplier’s showroom.

The Products You Offer Matter to Homebuyers

Partnering with a specific manufacturer and showing limited amounts of flooring options may not be the best decision. Today’s homebuyers are very feature driven and one manufacturer might not carry all the products your buyers are looking for in their new home.   In particular buyers that are choosing homes that are smaller in size, typically want an array of amenities above and beyond a builder’s limited selection. By partnering with only one manufacturer, you may be turning off buyers who are looking for more choices or higher quality products. Your flooring supplier can offer unlimited choices.

Your Onsite Staff Needs More Sales Tools

We constantly hear new home sales professionals and design center staff say how they wish they had more flooring choices to offer their buyers because they lose sales by not having the products and choices available. Today’s savvy homebuyers know they need to see what’s available for selections in their new home before they sign the dotted line. If they don’t see what they are looking for, they will find a builder who has it. Staying flexible with options and upgrades can help you make every sale you can.

Increase Your Choices and Your Margins

By choosing to allow your homebuyers to visit your flooring provider for selections, you are in essence partnering with all of the major brands and manufacturers today. You are inviting the homebuyer to make the selections they want for their new homes and most likely spend more money to get what they want. With a flooring specialist to walk them through the selections process to find the best flooring for their home, buyers can create the home of their dreams. Not only does this give you a competitive advantage that other builders may not have, but it helps to increase your overall margins on each home you sell.

Partnering with Design Floors, a factory direct flooring provider in Long Branch, New Jersey, for your community’s flooring selections not only saves you time and effort in trying to set up an on-site selections center, it brings your buyers the selections and flooring styles they are expecting for their new homes. Our design specialists are at your disposal for homebuyer selection appointments that include all the major manufacturers of flooring today. We provide flooring sales, service, and installation throughout the tri-state area. Contact us to find out how we can help provide an advantage over your competitors, increase your margins, and make the selections process easier for your staff and more enjoyable for your homebuyers.